Cybrex LLC

Cybrex LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Hampton Roads, Virginia providing services, expertise and product development to the Cyber Security, Maritime Assurance and Information Assurance (IA) communities.  We have experience in planning, managing and executing Cyber Security evaluations, Red Team Operations, Penetration testing and Cooperative Vulnerability Assessments. in support of exercises, operations and testing.

Cyber Penetration Testing

Can an adversary disrupt your operations? Penetration Testing, called Red Teaming in the military, can help challenge an organization to improve effectiveness and efficiency.  Cybrex works with government and commercial organizations alike to provide Penetration Testing or alternative analysis.  In this role, our team can help an organization get a realistic real-life picture of cyber security readiness. How does Penetration Testing benefit your organization? Penetration [...]

Maritime Cyber Assurance

With increasing shipboard internet and satellite connectivity and the unique cyber challenges of shore installations handling multinational vessels and complex IT systems, the cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities to the maritime industry are great and ever growing. As the major force behind the global economy and global security, maritime organizations and vessels are often seen as high-value targets for purposes of smuggling, illegal export and [...]

Vulnerability Assessment

You cannot improve your security until you know where you are vulnerable. Cybrex provides its government and commercial clients with extensive high quality vulnerability assessments focused on Cyber Security and Physical Access.  This is often the first step in increasing the security of an organization.  Our vulnerability assessments can test existing procedures, support compliance reviews, assist with incident response and identify areas for training improvement. [...]


Cyber threats change rapidly and it is essential to remain vigilant against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.  Many large organizations with in-house cyber security experts look to us for consulting support for projects, assessments or for specialized testing and demonstration of operational impact. In the past five years, clients in both the government and commercial sectors have hired us to: Perform Red Team assessments of [...]

CEO of Cybrex LLC

John Bos

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To see how Cybrex can give you the confidence that your vessel, shore installation or organization needs to ensure it is operating in the most secure environment, please contact us at +1 757-744-9277.