Cyber Penetration Testing

Cyber Penetration Testing

Can an adversary disrupt your operations?

Penetration Testing, called Red Teaming in the military, can help challenge an organization to improve effectiveness and efficiency.  Cybrex works with government and commercial organizations alike to provide Penetration Testing or alternative analysis.  In this role, our team can help an organization get a realistic real-life picture of cyber security readiness.

How does Penetration Testing benefit your organization?

Penetration Testing can help assess organization security without your staff or team knowing.  Penetration testing provides a real-life scenario which can test the reaction, countermeasures, controls, procedures and processes already in place.  This is considered to be the best way to test and assess an organization’s readiness to deal with cyber threats.

Why hire Cybrex for Penetration Testing?

Our team is experienced in developing, managing and operating Penetration Testing activities for government and commercial organizations.  In some cases, we perform penetration testing to determine cyber vulnerabilities, in others we conduct frequent attack scenarios for clients to use in training situations.  The goal is always to provide the client with the best possible support for determining operational vulnerabilities and demonstrating them for impact or proof of concept value.  We are experienced, tested and always customizing our Penetration Testing services to meet client needs in an ever changing cyber environment.   Our greatest benefit to your organization will be our Operational Cyber Risk Analysis which will not only identify your vulnerabilities but prioritize those which have the ability to do the greatest harm to your operations and bottom line.

Our team carries industry recognized credentials such as Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).  Combined with our years of experience in IT, security and cyber assurance, these credentials give our clients the confidence in knowing they are working with highly qualified individuals and will receive the most accurate and comprehensive security analysis available.

Cybrex is proud to serve our clients in the government and commercial industries, helping to protect their assets and business.

To see how Cybrex can give you the confidence that your vessel, shore installation or organization needs to ensure it is operating in the most secure environment, please contact us at +1 757-744-9277.