CMA 2017 Shipping Conference

Connecticut Maritime AssociationShipping Conference 2017

The CMA’s “Shipping”event, held each March in Stamford, Connecticut has gained a reputation as the premier shipping gathering in North America and a “must-attend” event on the business calendar. A dynamic and topical seminar program, combined with cutting edge exhibits and an enormous range of networking opportunities attracts over 2,400 major domestic and international industry players each year. The event ulminates in the Commodore Gala Dinner, where an individual, selected by the CMA Board, is presented with the CMA Commodore Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to the maritime industry.

Cybrex LLC attended the CMA Shipping Conference 2017 and showcased some of our “Tools of the Trade” and did live demonstrations, showing how easy it is to steal anyone’s information directly from their phone. Normally everyone walks around with their phones WiFi on. Most don’t give it a second thought but every 10 seconds your phone sends out “Probe Request” for access points it has connected to in the past. Even if you connected to a coffee shops free WiFi in another state one time over a year ago, your phone remembers and sends out probe requests looking for that coffee shops access point…..every 10 seconds.

John Bos and Sammy Nassar were able to show how malicious hackers could compromise anyone’s personal information with easily accessible and relatively cheap equipment.